Dried Grass Straw

Apart from dinnerware and cutlery, we at GOOD VIBES Bowls also make eco-friendly straws perfect for your shakes and desserts. Our straws are made from either naturally grown grass, guaranteed to last for months of use, eliminating the use of plastic straws that can only be used once. Each dried grass straw is cleaned inside and out to make sure that the straw will not affect the quality of the food. To prevent any lip and mouth accidents, each straw is smoothen at the tip with a sharp knife.


Bamboo Straw

Our bamboo straws are made from young bamboo shoots perfect to compliment your shakes and cold beverages. Each straw is cleaned inside with a coconut fiber pipe brush and is smoothen outside with fine sandpaper. The bamboo is then cleaned at the tip with a sharp knife to prevent lip cuts. Each straw is guaranteed to last for months with its great durability and excellent craftsmanship.