How to Take Care of Your Coconut Bowls

Care Instruction:

Our GOOD VIBES Bowls are 100% plant-based and needs special care to ensure that they last for hundreds of uses.

Easy Instruction:

• Enjoy cold food like smoothies, salads, snacks, dried food, and rice/noodles. 
• Let any warm food, cool down before serving in your coconut bowl.
• Quickly hand wash the bowl in lukewarm soapy water after every use.
• Polish your bowl every 10-20 uses with virgin coconut oil to keep it smooth and shiny.


• Don’t use it for soup or other really hot dishes for the coconut bowl may break under extreme heat.
• Don’t put your bowl in the dishwasher, microwave, oven or refrigerator.

Following the guidelines above will ensure the longevity of your GOOD VIBES Bowls for years to come.